"Ein meirr brjóta austrvegr bardagi, meirr austrvegr síðastr heill bardagi vér vili æva vita."

Skol Vikings,

Welcome to DanesLaw, here you will find a community largely influenced by the renown Viking era (c.800 to c.1100). Above are tabs that will lead you to greater information, explaining our ambitions and ideas. You will also find lore, structure and information to allow you to "go a Viking" fully versed, hopefully, with an overview and sense of history.

We are primarily setting sail towards the coasts of Darkfall: Unholy Wars, this said we believe the flavour and diversity offered by this theme can lend itself to multiple façades of online gaming.

Why Vikings?

To maintain an online community, especially one that inspires passion and loyalty, diversity is key. All that have played within an online community will have been exposed to the undeniable verity of people and their play styles. The Vikings (Danes, Northmen and Norse) allow a foundation which may appear to be of a simplistic nature, but with further investigation leads to a great variety of culture and hierarchy.

Some may wish to join the expedition purely to be amongst friends and companions, some will seek the rewards from a "RP" experience and others may want to go raiding and pillaging with us. We truly believe that DanesLaw can account for all the desires of those who may wish to join.

So unfurl the sails, attach the dragon prow, and find your seat upon the rowers bench.

"Once more into the fray, into the last good fight we will ever know. Flown by Valkyries to walk abreast with all heroes in Vallhalla, to banquet with Odin forever more."